Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Now, we wait for court....

** This is a good outline on how the court proceedings processes. We had our court hearing on May 22nd, but I do not know how many weeks before the first ruling-- which has become a million dollar question for me lately! 2 or 4 weeks or 3 months -- who knows! I just pray that we receive word of the first ruling! SOON :-)

First Ruling -
Once the hearing has been completed and the judge has had time to review all the information, he/she issues the First Ruling. This is a short statement signed by the judge that is forwarded to all parties involved (social services organization on behalf of the adoptive family and the birth family) notifying everyone of his/her decision to finalize the adoption. This first part of the Final Decree must go to each party and there is a waiting period of 10 days before any further court action can occur. The birth family has until the end of this 10 day period to change their mind regarding the adoption. Once the 10 day period is passed however, the judge can make the final decree.

Final Ruling - Once the 10 day waiting period is over (and the court staff finds time!), the second part of the Final Decree is forwarded to all parties. When the second part of the decree is received by your child's social service organization, the court process is DONE! Time line for 2nd Ruling - 2-6 weeks after the 1st ruling


Linda said...

She just gets more adorable as time passes. Her expressions are precious! It won't be long now before we can all see her in person. Happy times!

couey2007 said...

Thanks for the nice comment on my blog. I see you live in GA. Feel free to e-mail with any questions. I would love to have the "girls meet in future" I have connected with several other families that have adopted from Taiwan! As you know not many of us in the South!. I hope you wait goes quickly. It's great that you have had your 1st hearing!

Michelle C., AL