Monday, March 15, 2010

"Elton John style..."

I'm wwway behind on Ellie's milestones on the blog .... catch up time!! I purchased Ellie a grand piano at our neighborhood consignment sale, and Ellie spent her whole weekend playing the piano or "ON" the piano. These pictures are just adorable! She has been walking for about three weeks now. She took her first step's during the Superbowl half time show, dancing to the "The Who". The following weekend she took several more step's and during that week she turned it up a notch, and has been walking ever since. It's amazing to watch her grow and explore ... AND watch her mind tick....She is extremely smart! I'm adding another picture(s) of her eating with a spoon/fork for the 1st time. She plays in her cabinet of stuff,,,spoons, bowls & cups..etc. She pulls out a bowl & spoon and starts stirring away.. too cute! I was making her scrambled eggs the other day, and was stirring away in front of her cabinet. She stood there and studied me for a few minutes on my stirring action, then moved me out of her way to get into her stuff, she grabbed a bowl & spoon begun stirring away.. too funny!

This picture cracks me up, it just keeps coming into my mind ...