Sunday, February 14, 2010

Our Monkey is coming alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here's some fun photos of Ellie from these past weeks. I'm hoping to get a video very soon of Ellie taking her steps of walking. This morning, she took several steps, but I wasn't in arms reach of any camera or video...NOTHING! go figure?

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Ellie's Birthday Celebration continues...

We took Ellie to the Tennessee Aquarium for her birthday, which she loved!! She did not care for the penguins at all! She grab onto her mommy with her first glance at those HUGE birds!!

"Dancing those feet for fish watching"

"Looking for Nemo"

"I'm pushing my own scroller from now on"

"We had too much fun with the diver -- he was great with everyone" However, Ellie was not scared of him at all!! It's crazy sometimes trying to navigate through what may scare her with new experiences & faces, and then she does the opposite. I truly believe they can sense when someone is on they're level (positive & fun), loving, gentle & kind. However, they can sense the opposite.. Ellie is awesome child... I know I've said this "million times" we have been truly bless with a wonderful child. She has the "sweetest soul", and when she meets a new face, she does this shy thing with her hand over one eye, then she will gradually open up, then she will eventually come to you. "High-energy/Positive" folks.. you will be her best bud fairly quickly!! I really saw this for the first time at her Dr. appt. the other day. Her new doctor was outstanding with Ellie, and Ellie sense her kindest...

"HI" -- too much fun!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Ellie turning ONE!!!!

Every morning is so sweet to wake up to Ellie talking to herself in her crib, but this morning was extra special...I could not wait to give her birthday kisses!! As I gave her kisses I could only think of her birthmother and what she might had felt today (12 hrs ahead of us)... I could only imagine the pain she may felt, and not to be the one to give her special kisses this I could not stop giving her kisses from the both of us. I want Ellie to know how she was loved by her birthmother, and what a beautiful gift she gave us.."our precious daughter"....

Enjoy Ellie's special day...

Ellie loves balloons!!! So, we surrounded her with balloons, balloons, balloons!!
Awesome birthday smiles and giggles at 7am!!!

Ellie had a special treat for her birthday breakfast "blueberry pancakes"!!!
Yum Mommy!

Loving her balloons!! I hope they're still alive for her tomorrow for more fun!

"my sweetie turning one"
"I'm going to chew my way through my present with the only two teeth I have!!!
"My own computer" yay!!!! (I wish I could got her first reaction on a picture--she was smiling when I open the top cover to the computer....too cute).
Is that sweet or what???
Yes, I got my own computer at one!!!
"Summer clothes"
"summer P.J's...needed thoses"

"My own telephone too"

"Mommy painted my toes while I was sleeping --- in the dark! My mommy is super clever!
"Check out my birthday outfit for today's outing...too, too stinky cute!!!"

"I had my first hair cut today.....Well, let's say, it wasn't the highlight of my day. I don't care for new faces...
"I have bangs now"

"My birthday cake..

"she could not let go of her balloons to have some of her cake"
"yes, I'm over this cake thing"... "I think I rather have some fruits & vegs"
"bath favorite time"

Sweet Ellie had a wonderful day. She crashed early this evening, and I don't think we will hear a peep tonight, and she MIGHT sleep-in late.. 8'ish! Oh, mommy & daddy would looovee that!