Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Our family day ~~

Two years ago today Ellie Pei Hua was placed into my arms...

I'm still in disbelieve how time has flown by and my baby is no longer a baby:(   She's this amazing little girl that's so witty and funny (check out the videos on FB this past week) ~   And you continue to make mommy and daddy's heart melt with this enormous love for you!!  

                         ~~~  What amazing gift that God has given us, to LOVE ~~~

~~Ellie P ~ Mommy and daddy love you so much ~~ You're such a super duper, wonderful and amazing daughter ~~ We're so proud to be your parents..xoxo

We have been so blessed with our beautiful family and we're so grateful that God chose us to be Ellie's mommy and daddy...  God is good!