Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Beautiful Ellie Pei-Hua....

Hi grandmas.... check out those "chewy" cheeks--- more pictures tomorrow & updated info this evening.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Our child has been chosen...

We (I) received a phone call yesterday morning from our caseworker that we received a referral of baby girl from Taiwan!  We have been very blessed this month with a lot of activity, and when we received that call yesterday - we just knew where our hearts has been for year now.  It was amazing to follow God's direction and have a wonderful peaceful feeling inside-  and after 12 years struggling to become parents, came to a stand still yesterday..... it brings tears to me every time I think about our journey, our love for each other-- and how we were tested (oh, we so were tested).  We joke that we're going to be living our 2nd part of our life when she comes home... oh, do we need to to write a book on the 1st part of our life!    And then get a gig on Oprah!

Ok.. details!   We do not have a picture(s) yet, but we're praying for next week.  She will be 2 months old on Sunday.  She was born on Feb 5th.  Brian's birthday is Feb 2nd, so he thinks that's cool they will be sharing close birthdays together, but I think someone is going to hog all the attention for many years!   We're praying for court completion within 3 to 4 months, then we will travel to bring her home.  She will be our daughter before we leave the US!!!  I will post a layout on how the court proceeds goes,  I pray it goes quick!   I'm a in fog of disbelieve I'm going to be a mommy very soon!  I can't wait to have my Ellie in my arms..