Friday, April 30, 2010

We moved to Houston!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, Houston, Texas!!! Yea! We are so excited about this new change in our life. It's been a crazy "over the top" past months for us. Our lives are starting to settle down, and return back to normal for us since the move. We have been so blessed - we sold our house in the worse market ever! Brian received a outstanding job offer in Houston, and we knew we needed this change for our new family - we decided "let's go for it"... We figured if we did not make this huge move in our forties, we would never will. We're glad we did!! The move 1/2 cross the country with a baby, 2 dogs & 1 cat went awesome!!! I was truly fearing the worse - I had 1 dog/1cat/1baby in my SUV pulling a u-haul. Yikes!!! They all did awesome - mommy had everything in order for our road trip!!! Brian had it easy - 1 dog on drugs in a 26' truck.. lol..

Okay... things will be getting back to normal soon which means I can get back into my blog, and keep it update to date with Ellie moments. Ellie has changed so much since she has turn one. I'm just living in the moment with my daughter. I'm just soaking up my daughter's every move & the joy that Ellie brings into my life daily. It's amazing!!!

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Tonya said...

Congrats on the move! Of course that will make getting our girls together to meet kind of hard!! But, I am happy for you. Georgia has lost an adorable Taiwan princess, but Texas is now a more beautiful place with her there!!!

Best of luck! I'll keep following along!

Tonya & Janie