Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Grand Tour..


Michelle said...

Is this where you took her to be blessed? She is such a doll...love her hair in the little pony tail on top of her head!

Lisa said...

We are all so very happy for you here at Bethany. It is a complete joy to see Ellie in your arms. We are blessed to have been but a small part of the amazing plan God has for your sweet little daughter. We are thankful to God for all He did to make this happen.
Blessings to you always,
Lisa Kelly
Bethany Christian Services

Our Second Miracle said...

Ellie is beautiful! Congrats!

The Samples Family said...

Loving the ponytail!!!! Great family photo too.. Talk to you guys tonight.

BethAnn said...

Congratulations and welcome to parenthood! I hope you are enjoying every minute and making good memories for Ellie while in Taiwan that you can look back on with her. I see they didn't cut her hair like they did my Sydney's. She has quite a headful! :D
She is so cute!
I hope she is adjusting well and getting used to you quickly.