Monday, July 20, 2009

July's update...

We've been needing a Ellie fix these past few days. The waiting is starting to become overwhelming at times. I don't want to start whining.... but it's my blog and I can whine if I need to, and oh do I ever need to whine!! We have a waited SO LONG to become parents, and we know we're so close to completing this journey. We're getting very excited to bring her home, and starting the 2nd chapter of our life. We have become stagnant on our "To Do List" ... no pep in our step to get things done! You know if we receive word of our final ruling tomorrow there would be more than a pep in the step. Brian and I are an amazing team when we need to get things done. We just pray we will receive word very soon to bring Ellie, our precious daughter home!

We can't wait to get our hands on our "sweet thing"... she is absolutely beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!! Does she look good in orange too?? I thought pink was her color. I'm a little disappointed she's not dressed in some of the clothing that I sent last month, not even a hair bow!! I'm just happy she looks healthy & happy, and well taken care of. And talk about healthy... check out her charts! This was dated on 6/30 - she is 16.7 lbs and 25.2 inches in height. It was also noted, rolls front to back and laughs during play. We can't wait to hear her laugh... it's coming soon!


Melissa said...

She is a cutie! 16.7 pounds wow! I thought Ella was a little chubber.

Dunns said...

I know!! I kept reading everyone's charts this past week, and thinking, hmmm... Ellie's is big than that! Are you keeping a good track of all the families that's following close together with referrals, court hearings, etc.. there's a few families that are right in line with each other. I think there will be families crossing paths or travel at the same time! Can't wait!!


Linda said...

Oh my, she looks so well cared for and healthy! I know what you mean about time going slowly. It is dragging for me too. The waiting is sooo hard. Hang in there!!!

Linda said...
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QingLu Mama said...

Whine away! I am right there with you...this is such a hard wait, just wanting to finally hold your sweet baby. I am sure it'll be soon for you! Looks like our court hearings were really close (May 20th) and our babes are only a week apart!
Well, Ellie is an absolutly adorable baby, and she does look great in orange, and probably every other color! I can't beleive those cheeks...she is definitly well taken care of! I just know you'll be hearing her sweet laugh soon!

Tonya said...

Oh my goodness! She is so cute! Love those cheeks!!!

Nicole said...

She's so cute-so pretty! :) Excited for you to get some rulings quickly!

DiAl said...

I know the wait is long, but you are so close to the end. Forget the "To Do" list and whine, ruminate, use shopping therapy, whatever you want! I think you are allowed at this point!
Ellie is a healthy, chunky baby, which is great!


Brandon and April said...

oh...she is a gem!! Quite breathtaking actually!

I know how you feel about them not being in what we send. I just wonder...where in the world are the 12 outfits I sent?? hahah!

w8tn42and3 said...

Wow! She sure has changed since I last stumbled upon your blog! She is beautiful! And believe me... i know how you feel about the waiting! We just receieved our 1st ruling last Thursday for our little boy in Taiwan. We receieved our referral on Feb 26 and had our court hearing on April 22. It seemed that everyone was getting rulings except us. Now we hope to travel in September???

Tami and Bobby Sisemore Family said...

Beautiful :) Any news ??


Martie Dunn said...

Brian & Debbie,
My heart goes out to you. I am so sorry that you are still waiting. But don't lose hope. Ellie is in route, albeit a slow one. But your hopes and dreams will be answered. I am thinking of you.

lorabelle said...

I Love these new pics of Ellie! She is so beautiful...This part was the hardest for me and it brings me to tears reading your post, because I so remember how emotional it was. She'll be in your arms soon and I can't wait to see finally be able to see that wish come true for you.
How wonderful your friends are to throw you such an awesome Baby shower!

Cramber said...

She is SO adorable--I'm so happy for you guys! I can't imagine how hard the wait must be once you've seen your daughter's sweet face.

Definitely keep in touch about when you'll be in the KC area--we'd love to meet up :)

Amber L.